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Prefiltering kit

In order to eliminate the risk of contamination during surgical hand washing, we offer different solutions to secure the quality and sterilize the delivered water.
From prefitration to 0.1 micro-filtration, or ultra-violet radiation, we can offer you the right solution according to your water quality.

Terminal filtration

In order to eliminate the risk of contamination and cross-contamination of the water loop during surgical hand washing, we offer a full range of terminal en filters. thanks to their 0.2µ specific membrane, they can stop all bacterias and viruses that might be in the water.
These terminal filters are the most efficient way to treat water and eliminate the risk of infection due to water germs.

Hygiene accessories

We offer a full range of hygiene accessories including all the required equipments for a proper surgical hand scrub: Soap and hydro-alcoholic solution dispensers, manual or automatic, towel paper dispensers, surgical nail brushes, aluminum rail to clip all these devices and even baskets to store the used items upon the scrub sink.

Prefitering kit
water filter
New: Bacteria tap filter 0.1μ 31 days
medical tap filter
Bacteria tap filter 0.2μ 31 days
Terminal filter 0.2μ 31 days
Terminal filter 0.2μ 62 days
Terminal filter 0.2μ 62days
Autoclavable terminal filter 0.2μ
Autoclavable Terminal filter
New: Tap filter 0.1µ 92 days
tap filter 92 days anti bacterial and Legionella filtration
New: Shower filter 92 days
Layout 1
Anti legionella shower filter 62 days
Automatic soap dispenser
Automatic soap dispenser
Manual soap dispenser
Manual soap dispenser
Aluminum rail
aluminum rail
Surgical nail brush dispenser
Paper towel
Basket for hygiene features
Automatic faucet MP’110 with mixer
Automatic faucet MP’120
Automatic faucet MP’130
UV Filter
UV Filter

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Utilisation aisée, installation et maintenance facilitées. Possibilité de commande à coude, fémorale, ou électronique, selon la préférence de l’utilisateur.


Nos lavabos sont conçus dans un style épuré s’intégrant parfaitement au milieu hospitalier.


L’épaisseur supérieure de nos produits et leur excellente résilience préserve leur intégrité lors de chocs avec les brancards ou chariots.


Les formes arrondies et le revêtement spécifique de nos auges limitent la stagnation de l’eau et facilitent le nettoyage