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Anti legionella showerhead

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Filtering shower head 0.2 microns 62 days

Filters for Waterborne Microorganisms sterilizing grade membrane 0,2 μm.

Maximum use : 60 days. Legionella only.
  • Compatible with common systemic heat and chemical disinfection.
  • Filtration membrane size : 1400 cm².
  • Thermal shock : 70°C for a total cumulative period of 30 mins over the life of the filter
  • Maximum upstream operating pressure : 5 bars.
  • Approximate water flow rate: 12 L/min at 3 bar

Efficient protection against Legionella, and Pseudomona which are particularly virulent in mixed water and water steam

Optimum service life of 62 days protection

Easy to handle thanks to it is ergonomis shape