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Autoclavable tap filter 0.2µ

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Reusable autoclavable tap filter for Waterborne Microorganisms sterilizing grade membrane 0,2 μm.
Tap filtration for sterilized water. the membrane blocks all pathogen germs and bacteria in the water.
Maximum use : 60 cycles of autoclave, with one autoclave per day.
  • Compatible with common systemic heat and chemical disinfection.
  • Filtration membrane size : 900 cm².
  • Thermal shock : 70°C for a total cumulative period of 30 mins over the life of the filter
  • Maximum upstream operating pressure : 5 bars.
  • Approximate water flow rate: 12 L/min at 3 bar

High performance membrane tecnology for all pathogen germs and bacteria

Strong filter housing in order to resist to thermal shocks during the 60 sterilization cycles

Reduces water splashing thanks to its integrated shower head