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New Tap filter 31 days 0.1µ

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Tap filter 0.1µm 31 days anti bacteria and all germs

Bacteria tap filter 31 days for Waterborne Microorganisms sterilizing grade membrane 0,1 μm.

Reduces the risk of water associated nosocomial infection with an optimal price per day of use. Suitable for healthcare use.

The sterilizing grade membrane of 0,1 μm protects the users against the pathogens in the water such as Legionella or Pseudomonas.

  • High quality product with clean design
  • Membrane made of PES – PVP used in dialysis
  • Final microfiltration at 0.1 micron
  • Anti microbial additive protection reduces risk of bacteria growth
  • Colour coding for visual indicator to improve compliance management
  • Maximum water temperature : 70°C
  • Maximum forward pressure : 6 bars
  • Filtration flow rate :  6 L/min

Reduces the risk of water associated nosocomial infection

Reduces water splashing thanks to its integrated shower head

The filter housing material utilizes silver technology as an enhanced, non-leaching bacteriostatic additive