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End Filter 0.2µ 31 days

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End filter 0.2µ 31 days

Filters for Waterborne Microorganisms sterilizing grade membrane 0,2 μm.
Reduces the risk of water associated nosocomial infection. Maximum use : 31 days.
  • Compatible with common systemic heat and chemical disinfection.
  • Filtration membrane size : 550 cm².
  • Added protection from cross-contamination.
  • Maximum continuous influent water temperature : 60°C.
  • Thermal shock : 70°C for a total cumulative period of 30 mins over the life of the filter
  • Maximum upstream operating pressure : 5 bars.
  • Approximate water flow rate: 5.3 L/min at 1 bar – 11.4 L/min at 3 bar – 17.4 L/min at 5 bar

Reduces the risk of water associated nosocomial infection

Reduces water splashing thanks to its integrated shower head

The filter housing material utilizes silver technology as an enhanced, non-leaching bacteriostatic additive