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Effluent treatment plants

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Medical liquid effluent treatment plant.

Our effluent treatment plant functions vary according to the nature of the risk to be eliminated. For laboratories effluents for example, our plant carry an automated hypochlorite shock (Between 50 and 150ppm during 20 min) in order to destruct bacteria’s and viruses. After a complete desctruction of bacteria and viruses, the pH of the effluent is neutralized before pumping out to the network.

The MEDICAL PROCESS effluent treatment plant also allows the recycling of waste heat emitted by the laundry or wash for example through heat exchangers integrated circuits.

Decay tanks for radioactive waste – Biohazard disinfection.

Many options can be integrated to our solutions such as touch pad monitoring screen, data saving, and radioactivity measurement. Depending on the situations, our plants can be either fully automatic for more comfort, or manual in order to save cost.

We use different sheet thicknesses of high density polyethylene according to precise calculations to always guarantee the physical, chemical and thermal resistance of our tanks.

Upon delivery of the installation, we provide free distance training to the user’s staff for the use, and the maintenance of our plant.

effluent treatment plant Decay tanks for radioactive waste – Biohazard disinfection
Nuclear medicine effluent
Nuclear medicine effluents Nuclear medicine effluents wastewater treatment
Biohazard effluents
Effluent tank biohazard Medical biohazard wastewater
CBRN effluents
CBRN effluent tank CBRN wastewater
Hot temperature effluent
hot temperature effluent high temp wastewater
Industrial effluent
industrial effluent
Under sink nuclear decay tank
laboratory countertops bench tops corian staron betacryl acrylic resin synthetic solid surface
No mix separation toilet
no mix separative toilet
Custom design

To meet the needs of your constraints, our tanks are tailor made after the tank drawings validation

Study & Broad

Our team will support you upstream of the project to define the appropriate technical area.


All our facilities are equipped with redundant safety including a forwarding alarm.