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Industrial effluents

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Origin of effluents

Targeted industries: Pharmaceutical, cosmetic, research laboratory, and other industries discharging effluents with non-compliant pH, temperature, or level of radioactivity.

MEDICAL PROCESS plants meet the French requirements thanks to specific treatments such as pre-filtration, neutralization of pH, lower temperature or radiation Ultra-Violet treatment.

Our team will support you to accurately define the volumes and the number of tanks and their specific equipment to achieve the optimal station.

French legislation:

Arrêté du 2 fevrier 1998

Circulaire du 9 aout 1978

Décret du 21 septembre 1979

Décret du 3 juin 1994

To meet the needs of your constraints, our tanks are tailor made after the tank drawings validation.

Our team will support you upstream of the project to define the appropriate technical area.

All our facilities are equipped with redundant safety including a forwarding alarm.