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Nuclear medicine effluents

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Radioactive effluent decay tanks

In nuclear medicine hospital departments, patients of metabolic therapy and chemotherapy for example can be treated with radioactive isotopes. These radionuclide isotopes, such as IODINE 131  (131I)Fluorine-18 (18F), or Technetium-99m (99mTc), are mainly eliminated from the body via urine in a short time. The urine of the injected patients becomes a radioactive waste and needs to be treated on site in decay tank system.

MEDICAL PROCESS decay tank system is dedicated to assure the decay period in a safe technical room in the hospital. We dimension, and install worldwide if required. MEDICAL PROCESS plant permits to store, secure and control the effluent according to the regulations during the period of the radioactivity decrease.

Once the radioactivity reaches a lower level than the legal limit, a sample of the effluent is tested by the hospital physicist and the tank can be discharged to the common sewage by a simple command from our control box touch screen.

Origin of effluents

Nuclear medicine departments such as, metabolic therapy for thyroid cancer, laboratory preparation stations, brachytherapy, and other industrial liquid waste contaminated with radionuclides.

Theses effluents must be collected in our separative toilets in order to reduce the effluent volume. Then the pipes has to be clearly separated from other waste water or clean water pipes and brought to the technical room.

  • We help you to define the exact dimensions of the tanks
  • Custom design depending on architectural constraints
  • We can install and do commissioning
  • We provide training to the user’s staff
  • We provide Monitoring and warranty

To meet the needs of your constraints, our tanks are tailor made after the tank drawings validation

Our team will support you upstream of the project to define the appropriate technical area.

All our facilities are equipped with redundant safety including a forwarding alarm.