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Scrub sinks

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Our hygiene solutions

Designed by healthcare professionals, our surgical scrub sinks are suitable for hospital use for surgeons and physicians. We pay particular attention to avoid bacterial growth.

The rounded shapes of our sinks and their specific coating limit deposits and stagnant water on exposed surfaces. Our cells are equipped with infrared detection with automatic water flush of 50 seconds each 6 or 12 hours after the last use to allow complete drainage of the stagnating water. This action avoids bacteria’s development if the sink is not used for a long time.

Coating Properties

  • Excellent resistance to abrasion & thermal shocks.
  • Good gloss effect keeping in time.
  • Good chemical resistance (Acetic Acid, Sodium Hydroxide, Ethanol, Sodium Hypochlorite, and Sodium Chloride in accordance with EN 14688).
  • CONFORT : Easy to use, install and clean.
  • DESIGN : Ergonomically designed with no gap nor visible buttons that might retain bacteria.
  • QUALITY : The coating is made of special sanitary high quality chemical-resistant gelcoat.
  • SAFETY : 30% of hospital nosocomial infections are due to water quality. About 1/3 of the rooms in the hospital do not have regular bailing. This stagnation added to the ideal temperature is a significant source of bacterial growth.

Sanitary gelcoat iso NPG

All our washbasins are made of reinforced polyester with a coating of polyester gelcoat Iso NPG that matches sanitary quality requirements. Our gelcoat is guaranteed without any pigment lead chromate.

Fully adapted to the surgical hand wash use, our scrub sinks and washbasins resist to all chemicals commonly used in hospitals. For example, our coating resists to the use of Betadine unlike synthetic material sinks such as Corian or Staron made which have porosity that creates bacterial development.

This gelcoat satisfied among other tests of thermal shock and abrasion described in EN 14688 – Test HES12-9043 CSTB report.

Medical sink MP’SMART
Medical sink MP'SMART
Medical and surgical hybrid sink MP’MEDIO
medical scrub sink MEDIO electronic infrared sensor
Surgical scrub sink
← 90cm →
Surgical scrub sink MP'UNOique infrarouge
Surgical scrub sink
← 150cm →
Surgical scrub sink MP'DUO with electronic command
Surgical scrub sink
← 200cm →
Surgical scrub sink MP'TRIO

Utilisation aisée, installation et maintenance facilitées. Possibilité de commande à coude, fémorale, ou électronique, selon la préférence de l’utilisateur.


Nos lavabos sont conçus dans un style épuré s’intégrant parfaitement au milieu hospitalier.


L’épaisseur supérieure de nos produits et leur excellente résilience préserve leur intégrité lors de chocs avec les brancards ou chariots.


Les formes arrondies et le revêtement spécifique de nos auges limitent la stagnation de l’eau et facilitent le nettoyage