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Surgical scrub sink MP’TRIO

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Our 2 meters wide surgical scrub sink MP’TRIO allows surgical hands and arms scrub for three users with a safe and sterile water. our scrub station offers an optimum comfort thanks to its specific ergonomic design and its wide and deep bowl. The enveloping shape offers splash protection and our specific material and coating offers the best protection against  healthcare associated infections. Click the link here-after for more information Material specifications.

The surgical scrub sink MP’TRIO is available with different types of water command and a large choice of water treatment and hygiene accessories in order to have the surgery hand-wash station you need for your OT. a sterile water level is highly recommended.

This medical scrub can be equipped with different accessories such as soap, nail brush, and paper dispensers with quick release clips on wall mounted medical aluminum rail.

Type of  water command

The surgical scrub sink MP’TRIO is available with four touchless types of water command. It also can be equipped with mechanical or automatic soap dispensers, paper dispensers, or nail brush dispensers. We also offer solutions for water treatment depending on the water quality. It can be enough to use only a terminal filter 0.2μ and a pre-filter 1 or 5μ, or UV kit, etc. Ask our team to give you the best advice for the configuration you need to secure the tap.

Targeted services: OT corridors, surgery rooms, cosmetic and plastic surgery offices, emergency rooms, intensive care units, critical care, neonatal unit, box of emergency nursing.

Product advantages 

  • 1 Single water treatment kit for 3 taps, consumable reduction.
  • Rounded shapes for low infection risk and easy cleaning.
  • Sanitary antibacterial gelcoat surface that limits deposits.
  • Touchless water opening systems.
  • Auto flush infrared sensors to drain the stagnating water.
  • Moulded in one single piece, without any glued or welded part.
  • High back-splash and lateral panels to protect the area from drops.
  • Rounded upper part to avoid any object deposit.
  • Wall mounted faucets only to reduce bacteria’s niches

L : 2000 Mm - H : 745 Mm - P : 570 Mm

Reinforced polyester with a coating of high grade sanitary gelcoat