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Water treatment

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Water treatment dedicated to medical, pharmaceutical, and industrial use.

Medical Process has a strong experience in water treatment in medical field. We are able to provide not just water treatment functionalities but systems with intelligent control and process automation.

Our products can include online monitoring as well as data saving. Our experience will ensure that your investment to water treatment is justifiable, based on right technologies and brings value.

Many solutions can be implemented in order to reach the grade of purity needed and meet the standards such as osmosis for sterilization machines.

The way of treatment changes depending on the requirements and constraints such as pH adjustment, active carbon, UV exposure, ozone, depth filtration and micro filtration or reversed osmosis.

Equipped with different filtering devices, our systems are especially potent versus sediments, hydrocarbons, pesticides, micro-pollutants, lead and other heavy metals.

Anti-bacterial water treatment loop

Osmotic water

In lign filters

Réalisation sur mesure

Certains de nos équipements sont paramètrables suivant le débit et puissances souhaités.


Nos équipements et technologies sont utilisés et éprouvés dans divers domaines tels que l’aéronautique ou le nucléaire.


Les équipements médicaux et hospitaliers sont équipés de relais d’alarmes.