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Accessories aluminum rail

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Allows clipping and unclipping accessories. If the accessories have to be changed, it avoids putting new holes on the wall and leaving the old ones on it for a hygiene matter.

This feature is delivered by default with as much accessory plate as water tap. More plates can be ordered separately.

Fixed upon the scrub sink, the soap drops inside the sink instead of on the floor.

This feature includes :

Adapted rail to the selected scrub sink

Clipping frames are delivered mounted with the ordered accessories or virgin

2 Side protection bumpers

2 Wall fixtures

  • Clipping and unclipping hygiene accessories without tools for cleaning or maintenance
  • The frame can receive any other device
  • Frames can be sold separately to adapt to an existing installation
  • Rail made of medical anodized aluminum AGS T5
  • High resistant wall fixtures and high quality frames

High quality material - Easy to clean

Easy to disinfect the rail and the dispenser clipped on it

Thanks to thos feature, no new holes needed in case of change the soap dispenser brand